Web Accessibility Service Instructions :
Main template content of this web is divided into 3 areas :
1) Top side main menu Links area.
2) Left side submenu Links area.
3) Main content area.
The Accesskey, known for hot keys or keyboard shortcuts, are set as below :
Alt+U : Top side Main Menu Links Area. This area lists the major links menu of this web.
Alt+L : Left side submenu Links area. This area lists the submenu of the major links you choose
Alt+C : Main content area. This area displays any information and important introduction relevant to this website.
Alt+B : Contact information about .
Other accesskeys are set up as below :
Alt+F4 : Close the window.
Shift+TabˇGBack to previous selection.
Sequences of the content of the whole website :
    Start from the top side main menu links area on the upper side; then move to the left side submenu links area; Next, move to the main content on the center, the last, move to the contact information about on the bottom side.